About Me



Just a few years ago, I was working in finance on Wall Street at one of the top banks in the US.

I had done everything that I believed would make me happy. I got good grades in school, went to one of the top business schools in the US, had a beautiful girlfriend, and was working a well-respected job that was making almost 6 figures straight out of college. 

However, I was miserable.

And I didn’t understand why. 

Externally, I did everything I was “supposed” to do. Internally, however, I had massive amounts of anxiety, fear, stress, and feelings of unworthiness.

At the peak of the stress, I took a hormone test that revealed to me that my cortisol(stress hormone) was over 3x the normal for my age and I was going through adrenal fatigue, AKA burnout. 

My body began to give me signs to reevaluate and look into my situation. I realized that I had inherited many self-limiting beliefs from my childhood and conditioning which was the source of much of the stress and negative emotions I was experiencing. It wasn’t until I started to examine, question, and reprogram these beliefs that things began to shift for me. 

I realized that much of the external success that I had created for myself were based in coping mechanisms that I had inherited in response to my own negative programming.

  • The need to be perfect 

  • The need to perform

  • The need to control everything

  • The need to achieve to validate my worth

  • The need to be right

I realized that these coping mechanisms were draining my energy and actually covering up my powerful, true, and authentic self. 

Using subconscious reprogramming tools such as PSYCH-K, I have been able to rewire my beliefs at the root level. My energy and confidence grew rapidly as I began to feel inspiration and inner power. With my new mindset, I was able to quit my finance job and start two businesses focused on serving and empowering others.

Now, I facilitate and hold space for the transformations of my clients so that they can live with ease, grace, and flow.