I had such a momentous change in just one session with David that it’s hard to describe. I was able to identify and share dreams I’ve held sacred since I was a little child and David moved among them so gently that I was glad he was there. I’ve lived with anxiety all my life and with severe panic attacks for half of it, so one of my goals was to say, “I am at peace with myself and everyone around me.” At the end of our hour I felt lighter, cleaner, happier, and I rested all afternoon in a lovely serene glow. But here’s the kicker. I’ve slept badly for over two decades. I’ve been perpetually exhausted, brain-fogged and barely functioning until the afternoon. The night of our session I slept well. I woke up more alert than I have in years. This was like a spiritual chiropractic adjustment that aligned me with my dreams, my purpose, and who I really am, and David did that adjustment simply, with no drama, no striving, no summoning of anything and almost entirely without my help in just an hour. 
-Lynne Fay
It is amazing to work with David; it is very easy to talk him, even about those deep thoughts and feelings which I would feel uncomfortable sharing. Every time, he has the ability to identify my limiting beliefs, by just listening to me!! The affirmations he created, resonated perfectly with me and the process of implanting them in my subconscious mind is so effective, that I could feel a genuine internal change during the sessions. Thanks to David, I am now recognizing myself as a self-confident and powerful woman, with all the abilities to success in life.
-Claudia Garciah
David is the real deal. When our session began, I did not know what to expect. I actually thought that he was going to help me with formulating a mantra and/or goal statement but what I actually experienced blew my mind. Without going into details, my subconscious did indeed shift which is something that should only happen with someone who is patient, kind, understanding, well-grounded and has dealt with their own self limiting beliefs - David lives those characteristics. He creates a safe space for your vulnerable journey and will only proceed with the process if given permission to do so...not only by you but also the Divine. If you're in need of a change but you're not sure what that change should be, I urge you to connect with David, he'll help you figure it out and you'll be all the better for fact, you'll be blessed from a soul level, I know I was!
-Stacey Mungo
Working with David was a wonderful experience. He was patient and reassuring the entire way and put me at ease when I would begin to doubt myself. As a person, he is a bright light and a fun spirit to speak with. His services are felt instantly but get even better once the work settles in. I've had complete turn-arounds with his PSYCH-K work and am a repeat customer!
-Iris Magana
David was very skilled in helping me figure out exactly what beliefs need to be changed in order to move beyond struggles and pain. His neutral, gentle presence helps you focus and you feel the process of Psych K achieve its goal. David is good at clarifying information and provides helpful answers to questions about the Psych K process and your specific beliefs which you would like to change. Overall, my experience doing a Psych K session with David was positive and productive. I recommend him to anyone looking for positive change and more love in their life.
-Clare Engler
Working with David was very pleasant and helpful in my healing journey. I did a PSYCH-K session with him where I got to delve deep into my self worth and trust. It felt like I got to literally face my fears. David makes you feel safe even in the most uncomfortable moments, which was key for me. 
-Kirby Cernosek
When I came to David I was in a position where it was hard for me to trust my self and others. And that kept me from being open to friendships and business projects. So with David's help balancing with PSYCH-K, I am now confident and sure I can trust both myself and others. I have met great people, feel good about getting to know them and letting them know who I am. Thank You David!.
-Claudia Castaneda
David's warm manner put me at ease from the very beginning of our session. He was knowledgeable with PSYCH-K and quickly helped me get to the core of some unhealthy beliefs in my life. The following week I was put in a situation that gave me evidence of my new balanced belief of confidence in the face of uncertainty. He is a great practitioner with this powerful tool.
-John Farrar
To say perfectionism has held me back is a huge understatement.  It has had me totally paralyzed me at times in the past. With David’s gifted facilitation skills I was able to show up in a new way in my business that previously made me feel anxious - so I had avoided it. When I did show up it was no biggy, I’m comfortable with it and over the hurdle. Thank you David.
-Debbie Browne-Gudat
I really enjoyed my PSYCH-K session with David. He was there for me 100% and asked questions and guided me so that we could uncover the false belief that I was holding that I could not use technology with ease and it worked. I set an action goal and accomplished it the next day! This belief that I would struggle with technology came from something that I had let stop me in the past, but no longer will that get in my way. Thank you David.
-Ramona Beville